Treatment for alcoholism, substance abuse and other primary healthcare services are available to American Indian and Alaska Native residents of Hawaii through an Indian Health Service (IHS) contract. The partnership supports a statewide program involving the Native Hawaiian health care systems and community health centers. The lead agency and registration office is Ke Ola Mamo (KOM), the Native Hawaiian healthcare system on Oahu.
Ke Ola Mamo American Indian & Alaska Native
For more information please contact contact us at 848-8000 x211

Frequently Asked Questions

First you must call KOM at 848-8000 x211 or toll free at 866-428-8001 and ask for the American Indian & Alaska Native Healthcare in Hawaii (AIANHH) Program to register for health services. Next, you must fill out a registration form, provide proof of documentation that you or your family members are from a federally recognized tribe, and apply for Med-QUEST.

Whether or not you qualify for Med-QUEST, you must still apply in order to be eligible to receive services under this program, if you do not have health insurance.
You need to provide a current Hawaii state ID, health insurance card (if applicable), and proof of documentation that you or your family are enrolled members of a federally recognized tribe. This may include a birth certificate, an official letter from your tribal office, a Bureau of Indian Affairs (BIA) Certificate of Degree of Indian Blood (CDIB) card or a state tribal card.

NOTE: Each individual tribe has their own requirements in demonstrating proof of Indian blood. The BIA does not maintain a national registry and does not conduct genealogical research for the public, so you must contact your tribe for more information. You may refer to the “How Do I Trace Indian Ancestry & Become Enrolled in a Federally Recognized Tribe” brochure also provided by the AIANHH Program.
You may use the Tribal Leaders Directory on-line at or call 848-8000 x211 or toll free 866-428-8001 and ask for assistance from the AIANHH Program.
Services provided are: Behavioral health, mental health, substance abuse treatment referral, social work, dental, internal medicine, family practice, health education, optometry, pediatrics, women’s health, and Women, Infants & Children Nutrition Program (WIC), subject to availability. For more information please call 848-8000 x211 or toll free 866-428-8001.

*** All services must have prior approval, otherwise it will not be covered. For emergencies, you must report to your Contract Health Services within 72 hours or it will not be covered.